Regional Coordinator of Business and Professional Women Europe, Executive BPW International

Dr. Giuseppa Bombaci (Italy)

Graduated in Law, in my professional life I was a Director of many offices of the Finance Ministry at several levels: Regional Director of Tuscany and Liguria Region and Co-Central Director in Rome (Real estate Agency of the Italian Republic ). I was also Professor of Administrative Law at the High School of Ministry of  Economy (2005-2006). My great professional commitment has been rewarded with the honorary title of „Commendatore to the  Merit of the Italian Republic“.

Active member of the BPW Club Livorno (Tuscany – Italy) since 1993, I carried out important roles at national level: Chair of the Legislation Committee (1997-1999), I made the New Constitution and By – Laws of Fidapa BPW-Italy.  I was also the Coordinator of the Guarantees Council, Finance officer, Vice and BPW Italy National President (2007/2009). Secretary of the European Coordination Committee of BPW Europe (2012/2017), in October 2017, during the XXIX International Congress, I have been elected BPW Europe Regional Coordinator, member of the BPW International Executive ( 2017 – 2020).