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Women & Power


I have chosen this topic to allow the participants to think outside the box.

Do Women really want Power?

Our society is critical of powerful and ambitious women which causes some ambivalence about our own ambitions.
In her Manifesto: Women & Power, Mary Beard traced the roots of women’s lack of power to Athens and Rome and to women’s silence.

A woman’s power is directly connected to her ability to speak up.

Speaking up is a challenge for many women. Sometimes we speak when we shouldn’t and sometimes we keep silent when we should speak up.

To speak or not to speak, these are the questions we will explore during our mentoring session.

What dream would you like to fulfill?

To continue living and working meaningfully.

Why do you consider your participation at the event "Ženy sobě" and the women´s support to be important?

I have been a business coach for 20 years and over the years I have witnessed and experienced tremendous benefits during the women’s events and gatherings i have attended.

What does "abundance" mean to you and how do you maintain it?

Abundance means having more than the basics. And I maintain abundance by surrounding myself with positive and generous people.

What stereotypes, family prejudices, tied to the concept of MONEY have you had to overcome?

I learned from various experiences that money is good to have and that not having enough money is often a good motivation to discover additional ressources.

What do you think when you hear : You can buy everything for money !?

I think it is a cliché, money is important and very useful to become independant. And it has it’s limits.

What makes you happy at work?

I recharge my batteries with loved ones, I don’t give up because I believe that there is always a solution or a benefit to the present crisis, and I develop my ideas when I facing a challenge big or small.