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Habits and Addictions. What are they made of and how to get rid of them?

Why did you choose this topic?

Many people struggle with some kind of habit or addiction that we would like to get rid of. It’s a wide range – from overindulging in food or alcohol, overuse of Social Media or spending endless hours online, compulsively shopping, self-doubt and insecure thinking, to name just a few. Our minds can trap us into habitual thinking and behaviours that lead us away from the life we want. However, you are not your habit or addiction—and you already have the power to end it for good.

Life, actually

I am in the life phase of a happy middle age woman that knows who she is and knows what she wants.

What dream would you like to fulfill?

My hope is to bring some good in this world. I hope I will work for the good all my life.

Why do you consider your participation at the event "Ženy sobě" and the women´s support to be important?

In order to be able to make a change in the world, we need to be first aware about what needs to be change, then inspired to be part of the change. This is exactly What Zeny Sobe does – brings awareness about the payment inequality between genders and inspires women to be part of the change, while also giving women the opportunity to learn from the experience of some successful people.

What does "abundance" mean to you and how do you maintain it?

Life comes with abundance of love. From love, everything can be created.

What career loss eventually turned out to be a profit?

When I decided to change my career I lost my half of the digital agency I was running and all my investment in that company. It was the best idea I could have.

If you were to explain to an alien what money means for us what would you say?

It’s a tool that makes exchanging goods easier.

What do you think when you hear : You can buy everything for money ?

It makes me laugh. Money can’t buy happiness, relationships, life. Money can only buy every thing, not everything..