Maggie Semple Limited, OBE, FCGI, business woman and entrepreneur

Tell us about yourself and why did you accept an invitation to the conference?

I am a woman who is driven by fairness and what I mean by that is, fairness in society and particularly in economics. I have always been motivated to encourage women to be at their best and to ensure that the workplace is one that is inclusive. I am an entrepreneur who disrupts the status quo without even knowing that I am doing so. I was therefore delighted to receive an invitation to the conference. I did not hesitate to accept it as I believe the theme of Talking about money will allow us to talk honestly about a subject that makes some women feel uncomfortable.

What would you like to say to the conference participants?

There can be no better use of resources than to invest in oneself in order to help others. During the conference make sure that you speak to at least 5 people who you do not know and commit to contacting them again one month after the conference to tell them what you have done since they last met you.

What would be the most valuable money advice you would give to your daughter?

No matter how much or how little money you have you need to take full responsibility for how you spend and invest it. At times you will make mistakes because you will take risks but learn from them to inform your money actions for the future.